Fayette County’s District Attorney: Richard Bower

Richard BowerThe traffic outside of my office at 7 Court Street was noticeably light for the first week of the month, the time typically reserved for Fayette County criminal jury trials. In a season rooted in tradition, Fayette County’s first-term District Attorney Richard Bower helped break custom. Bower told Mark Hoffman of the Herald Standard: “probably for the first time, from what we’ve heard from the judges, they cancelled criminal court week in December because we’re so far ahead on the trial list.” For Mitch’s Bail Bonds, we hope this cancellation correlates to less bench warrants for defendants looking to skirt imminent holiday incarceration. Bower’s interview with the local newspaper reflects on his first year in office.

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Original article and image credit: Fayette County DA discusses his first year in office and changes that were made

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