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Mitch and his local agents are available by appointment at our location on Ross Street, located in the Mitchell’s Restaurant Building between the Allegheny Courthouse and Allegheny County Prison/Municipal Court Complex. In Allegheny County, a defendant’s release time after posting bail is contingent on where that individual is situated in the prison commitment process.

In Allegheny County, Bail can be posted at the Municipal Court (660 First Avenue) during evenings and weekends. During courthouse business hours, bail is posted at the Bond Counter located in the Allegheny County Courthouse. For more information, consult Allegheny County’s website, or call Mitch’s Bail Bonds at (412) 789-2245 and speak with one of our experienced agents.

Allegheny County Bail Bond Office

Mitchell Building
304 Ross St • Suite 300
Pittsburgh, Pa 15219

Call Now: (412) 789-2245

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If you need immediate assistance obtaining a bail bond, call us now at (412) 789-2245.

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Whether meeting our staff at one of our office locations or at a county court or jail, client convenience is a core value of our agency. Mitch’s Bail Bonds is happy to accommodate the specific needs of it’s clientele.



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Mitch and his staff take pride in their unparalleled expertise of local bail processes and criminal case management. Providing honest and professional service to those in need, they are the preferred surety bail provider in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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A bail bond is a financial arrangement that a bail bonding agency will make on behalf of a defendant. Our bail bond resource section includes helpful bail bond information, including FAQs, association info and more.

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