Blair County Judge Seeking Election to PA Superior Court

kagariseThe Altoona Mirror released an article about Blair County Judge, Wade A. Kagarise, announcing that next year he will run for a seat on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. While Kagarise states that the move is intimating, it also something he believes is necessary because rural Pennsylvania should have a voice on the courts.

Kagarise said that “overall, 2017 will see an unusually high number of vacancies in the commonwealth’s three appellate courts — a rare occurrence causing a generational, cultural and geographical shift.”

He continued, saying “the big question posed in next year’s Superior Court decision is whether rural, conservative values will be represented on the (Superior) Court, or whether a new era of progressive ideologues will join the bench.

“The answer will determine the directions of our courts for years to come and offer an important opportunity to make a lasting change.”

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